Florida Man June 9th

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Florida Man June 9th – Birthday Challenge Trending Stories To Compare!

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A Pet Wild Monkey Attacked & Escaped From a Florida Man’s Truck & Then Again Attacked a Store Employee of Okeechobee

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A pet wild monkey attacked and escaped from its owner’s truck and then again attacked a store employee of Okeechobee in Florida.

A wild monkey also attacked a home warehouse also in Florida, all recorded on camera and revealed.

Authorities had been informed that this tamed spider monkey was named Spanky and it was waiting in its owner’s truck around 2:00 pm.

Sheriff officials have also informed that when owner Tina Ballard moved into the store this Monday, this tamed monkey escaped and attacked the store employee.

The report has informed that a 50-year-old store employee, Marilyn Howard, got attacked by this monkey and was on hiatus when the owner of this monkey heard his co-workers shouting and yelling that the monkey had escaped and was now free.

The staff members then helped their co-worker and grabbed the leash when the monkey later climbed on her back, but as the front sliding glass door to the store opened back, the monkey got frightened and then bit Howard.

Howard later refused immediate medical attention, but reported that he would be examined at the hospital.


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