Florida Man June 10th

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Florida Man June 10th – Birthday Challenge Trending Stories To Compare!

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A Shirtless Florida Man Threw a Hot slice of Pizza on His Roommate

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Daniel Allen Plunkett, a popular resident of Treasure Island, threw a hot piece slice on his roommate.

The police claimed that the person accused is very much less tolerant of Italian-American cuisines and hence committed such a crime.

The person in his favor said that the other party means his roommate is no less than a criminal; he also threw the piece at him without giving a second thought, and hence this is not a crime on his part; it was a simple fight where no one got hurt.

The grave incident took place on June 10th. This shirtless man caused the havoc and entered shirtless with a piece of burning hot pizza and threw the slice on his roommate.

Tampa Tribune reported that some of the sauce even fell on the girl’s shoulder, but no injuries were found for the accused and the victim of the incident.

The 50-year-old pizza merchant was arrested on charges of beating and violation of various rules and regulations.

The police found dual reasons but were difficult to find out who did what. The incident was a shameful act of again a problem of great anger management.

Such cases are common to be seen nowadays where the food is the weapon of rage with which the angered person hits the victim at the spur of the moment.

It is a very bad incident that affected the city to great heights, and safety concerns are being raised now. So now people need to be careful.


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