Florida Man June 8th

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Florida Man June 8th – Birthday Challenge Trending Stories To Compare!

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Florida Man Calls 911, Says He Needs a Ride to Hooters

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A Florida man take a fancy to go to Hooters so badly that the authorities informed him that they had told 911 dispatchers for his need a ride to the restaurant du to his grandmother just suffered a bad stroke near the parking lot.

Instead, a 28-year-old young man, Jonathan Hinkle got them a ride to the Brevard County Jail on Tuesday night.

Hinkle then made them a call back in March. Police said that the deputies searched for almost three hours just for his grandmother.

When the police deputies finally found his grandmother at some other location, she informed him that she hadn’t had any stroke or even asked for someone’s help.

News as per the outlets said that Hinkle had told the dispatchers as he would pay for the responders to fetch him these Hooters on Florida’s Atlantic coast as he could have helped his grandmother.

Hinkle was then arrested Tuesday under the charges of misusing 911.

He was then released on bond this Wednesday night, and however, records might not have the listing for an attorney for him.



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