Florida Man June 7th

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Florida Man June 7th – Birthday Challenge Trending Stories To Compare!

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Florida Man was attacked by an alligator while inserting him back of the truck

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Florida Man June 7th

The horrific incident recently captured on a video got released on the TV channel this Tuesday, sparking very crucial unrest on a residential street of Ocoee, near Orlando where an alligator roaming in the residential streets of Central Florida banged upon the trapper’s head and knocked him out for his final attempt to escape.

The video was released by WKMG-TV showing a Florida fish (alligator) with a wildlife fighter struggling to insert this 8-foot appx. 2-meter alligator and put this into the back of his truck. The vicious bound of the alligator hit on the trapper’s head.

The trapper fell on the ground as another trapper and the police with a hunter tried returning the alligator back to the truck. Their video was first posted on YouTube on June 7th. Neighbors had even said that the alligator had strolled them through the yards before the hunters and trappers arrived with police. The alligator was then eventually taken away.

This Florida man was attacked by an alligator while inserting him back of the truck being his shark teeth prayed to be safe. Nothing has been yet confirmed about his situation and expected to survive with a skull fracture and a few staples on his head.

It was just only for a minute or so after the trapper got hit and fell on the ground when this alligator attacked. At first, he got unconscious and didn’t even know what happened to him.


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