Florida Man June 6th

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Florida Man June 6th – Birthday Challenge Trending Stories To Compare!

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Florida Man Got Arrested After Allegedly Pouring Ketup on His Girlfriend While Sleeping

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Florida Man June 6th

A man in Florida had committed an offense because he allegedly tried to pour ketchup on his sleeping girlfriend in Florida. According to the court documents, it can be seen that this man Peter Wagman is facing an administrative misdemeanor charge which was first degree.

If we look at the address reports, the girlfriend, who was 11 years old, had informed the investigators that he found Wagman pouring water when she woke up at midnight. Also, she saw that she had Ketch on her along with curses on her

Heather King had informed the investigators that both of them had an argument that was related to the infidelity on the female’s part before they went to sleep.

According to the report, the female was totally covered in ketchup, but Wagman denied the allegations but at the same time, the authorities could see that Wagman had ketchup on his pants. Further, Wagman has been ordered by authorities not to contact Heather King any further, and according to the court records, Wagman pleaded not guilty.


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