Florida Man June 5th

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Florida Man June 5th – Birthday Challenge Trending Stories To Compare!

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Florida Man Was Arrested Because He Swung a Pickax at Another Man in Florida

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Florida Man June 5th

Deputies said that a Florida man was arrested because he swung a pickax at another man in Florida. He was recently arrested on Wednesday because both of them entered into a fight after smoking meth for a few days.

A 47-year-old man, Daniel Brown, was seen smoking meth****tamine with a 26-year-old man Dylan Everett and they started their argument at 4:30 p.m; on Tuesday.

According to the reports of the News Journal, Daniel Brown took away the cell phone of Dylan Everett, and then he suddenly picked up a pickax to swing it on the head of Dylan Everett. In defense, Dylan tried to deflect this swing with his right arm, and the police deputies said that Brown accused Everett that he was taking things away from home and breaking a door.

Everett had to suffer from many wounds on his leg and arm, which is why he was taken straight to the hospital. Soon after, Brown had been arrested and also charged because he tried to attempt a felony murder and also tried to deliver and manufacture methamphetamine and, along with that, trafficking methamphetamine.


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