Florida Man June 4th

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Florida Man June 4th – Birthday Challenge Trending Stories To Compare!

Following are few incidents that happened which you can relate to your birthday dates:

Florida Man Has Been Arrested for Dancing on Roof of a Florida Deputy Sheriff’s Cruiser.

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Florida Man June 4th

Recently there was a video of a Florida man who was trying to take his car inside the house through the driveway. The house was situated in the front of the sheriff’s office, and the video shows that the man was trying to pull the car up to the SUV’s bumper, and then we could see that the man got out of the car and suddenly he climbed on the cruiser’s roof.

The Most abnormal part was that he tried to do a karate pose, and he then decided to dance on the roof itself. The music was being played on the old radio station, and he continued to dance until the music Stopped! The song that was being played on the radio was “Rich Girl ” in the background.

Also, while dancing, he tried to point to his car, and then he was also moving his body on another song, “Goodbye Stranger”.

Also, the man was trying to dance in the daylight, and he danced for a minimum of five minutes and even more.

As we continue to watch the video, you will see that the man tries to slide across the windshield, and then he stood up on the Hood of the SUV, and then he broke the wipers of the car.

The next part is highly different in that a man comes out of the SUV car, and then he tries to steal the American flag, and after stealing this flag from the yard of the neighbor, he tries to roam around the yard.

As soon as the neighbor saw this behavior of the man, he decided to call the police, and towards the end of the video, you will be able to see that the police deputies entered the yard and started searching for him.

After he got caught, he was escorted to the assistant cruiser and handcuffed further. This man was charged with criminal acts and disorderly conduct, which could be evident from the Lee County Sheriff’s Facebook post.


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