Florida Man June 11th

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Florida Man June 11th – Birthday Challenge Trending Stories To Compare!

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Florida Man Was Arrested For Committing Multiple Crimes

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At around 11:45 pm, Sunday  Orlando cops got a call from a woman stating domestic violence meant to her by her boyfriend.

She was crying and was panic-stricken as she was brutally beaten up by her boyfriend, Mr. Lindsay.

So to maintain the law, the police decided to reach the house of Mr. Lindsay and subsequently confront him for this issue.

In a fit of rage, Mr. Lindsay opened fire on the police authorities.  Officer Kevin Valencia got hit and was severely injured to protect others; the other officer tried to fire the accused.

Hence Mr. Lindsay hid himself in the house with the four children aged 1, 6, 10, and 11 years old.

When police tried to contact Mr. Lindsay, the police heard of the one kid being killed in the process to save the rest of the innocent souls; the police tried to enter but found the rest of the children already at the mercy of the death.

At that moment, the police were not really sure when the children were killed, but the man also shot himself after killing the kids.

The public record highlights the potential of Mr.Lindsay engaged in such crimes before as well.

He was arrested by the authorities on multiple complaints like stealing people’s stuff and other crimes like escaping Jail etc.

He also previously was engaged in many crimes, and hence he caused a major crime again by taking the lives of innocent souls.


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