Florida Man June 12th

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Florida Man June 12th – Birthday Challenge Trending Stories To Compare!

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Florida Man Swallows 20 Rocks Of Crack, Leads Cops On Chase From Miami To Upper Keys

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The news came out reported by Florida Police that a 50-year-old Mark Edward Welch belonging from Lake Worth got into an accident on the mainland, and he tried to escape the scene towards the Keys.

It was reported that Welch crashed into a concrete wall and then finally came to a halt near Javfish Creek Bridge, finally stopping at mile 107.

Welch ignored the deputy’s command to get outside the car. After some time, he was finally arrested.

The deputies found that Welch has smoked at least 20 shots of crack during the chase and found traces of cocaine.

He reported that some stones were very much stuck in his throat, so he had to be dragged to the hospital.

The hospital authorities helped him recover, and this resulted in the subsequent filling of the case.

The case was filed as soon as he was discharged from the hospital as he had done some grave crime.

It was a grave crime, as announced by the police and the court. It was a very dangerous fight and hence resulted in a subsequent case.

Welch was then charged at the end with DUI while hiding.

This case came as a shock for the authorities and alarmed the city of the subsequent dangers that criminals like Welch may cause.

The case is still on, and Welch is currently in Jail fighting for release, but the release is not expected because of the heinous crimes he committed. Such incidents are rare but shocking for the city.


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