Florida Man December 30th

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Florida Man December 30th – Birthday Challenge Trending Stories To Compare!

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Florida man got arrested for live streaming car theft

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florida man december 30th

On December 30th Saturday, Deputies in Florida arrested Kevin Gaines an accused of a grand Auto theft while he was streaming live on Instagram inside a home. At first, the Authorities confirmed his presence inside that correct house and then ensued his arrest.

The authorities added back on Thursday night while they were into their regular round-up, they saw the background of that house while torching the Flashlight. The light and the background of the video that Kevin was streaming live resembles the location as per the statement made from Volusia Country Sheriff’s Office.

Kevin Gaines aged twenty surrendered before the Deputies when the DeLand Police surrounded the house. Gaines was nabbed on multiple charges like having Firearms while arrested, Auto theft, not having a valid Driving Licence, and other criminal harmful activities. No attorney general agreed to defend Gaines and was moved to custody on Saturday.


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