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Florida man & his friends charged with stealing over $500k of Patron Tequila

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florida man december 31st
pic credit – Fox13news.com

Four goons Vidal Estrade, Lemuel Escobar, Humberto Ramirez, and Alberto Obaya were arrested early morning on 31st December and were accused of stealing Patron Tequila worth more than 500,000$ in Tampa, Florida.

According to the Deputies’ version, they found these Quadro carrying Patron Tequila cases from a stolen semi-trailer after the driver of that trailer found the cases missing while having his dinner.

Taking the advantage of driver’s absence, these men have already transferred 20 cases to a box truck before the Deputies could find them. Approximately there were 966 cases of Tequila worth around 507,105$ as per the Sheriff’s Office broadcast.

The Quadro was charged with burglary and theft besides resisting officers without violence act at the time of their arrest. They were charged with exploiting unoccupied conveyance for their mischievous act.

Among four, Obaya was additionally charged with possession of a controlled substance. The four were detained in jail on that day.


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