Top Florida Man Stories

When some people think about Florida, either they think about geographical beauty and art deco clubs of downtown Miami or about “Florida Man” story that they read on Twitter.

To clarify, Florida Man isn’t just a person. It’s the iconic headline used by tabloids and news publications to describe crimes, mishaps, and other random acts committed by Floridians.

Let us bring you some of the wackiest, wildest, and hilarious news, Florida man trend clippings and tabloid stories.

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The top Florida Man Stories on The Internet:

1- Floridians Try to Shoot Down Hurricane Irma

In September 2017, Hurricane Irma formed in the South Atlantic and made its way to South Florida. Right before it hit Florida, a massive Facebook group gained national popularity for trying to stop the Hurricane in its track.
They approached every Florida gun owner to get their guns out and shoot the hurricane at once. The group figured that if tens of thousands gun owner fire heavy artillery into the sky, that it would disrupt the hurricane and mess it up. Nice idea…, right?
It got so bad that the local Sheriffs had to make a public announcement in order to arrest the idea, as the heavy wind could cause the bullets to fly elsewhere and cause damage!


2- Florida Man Steals entire Burger King’s Nuggets

This employee took post-quitting revenge to a whole new level. Once decided, he quit his job, cleared out his belongings, and stole all of the remaining nuggets from the freezer as his revenge towards his Ex-Employer.


3- Florida Man Assaults Girlfriend with Fried Chicken

A St. Petersberg man and his girlfriend got into a heated argument that overflowed into the streets. According to the report, the man got so angry that he picked up a fried chicken drumstick out of his bucket and chucked it at the woman, nailing her square in the face. He was then arrested on assault charges.


4- Would-Be Libertarian Senator Sacrifices Goat

In 2015, Libertarian Senate candidate, Sol Invictus, decided that it would be a good idea to let it slip that he was a “pagan”. He openly stated that he sacrificed goats and drank their blood. In addition to being a White Supremacist, he openly claimed that he believed his destiny was to lead a second Civil War. After these claims, the Libertarian Party publicly denounced him.


5- Florida Man Performs Kung Fu On Swans

In 2018, authorities got a wacky call from concerned citizens in a Jacksonville public park. Apparently, a bald man was in the park practicing karate kicks on the local swan population. Have you ever seen angry swans? If yes…you can imagine how terrible the feathered flock was.


6- Florida Man Shows Officer His Mixtape Instead Of Identification

An 18-year-old aspiring rapper (stage name not listed) was speeding and driving recklessly by a school zone. The local officers pulled him over and asked him for his license and registration. The man could produce neither. So, instead, the rapper gave the officers his mixtape and got arrested

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