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Florida Man May 3rd – Birthday Challenge Trending Stories To Compare!

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Florida Man Arrested For Fatal Stabbing resulted from an argument over groceries

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Florida Man may 3rd

A 24-year-old young man arrested by Palm Bay police on the charge of murder which the onlookers reported resulted because of a food dispute. Nhondo Mhango is charged with causing a second-degree murder. Currently, as arrested by the police, he is held captive in Brevard County Jail. The person imprisoned is a resident of Palm Bay. The murderer is not allowed any bail as well, according to the recent reports put forward by the police.

The incident took place at around 13:35 on Friday. The police immediately responded to the 1400 Wake Forest Road compound. Someone reported the incident, and the police caught the murderer with immediate action. On arriving at the crime scene, the police found 42-year-old Palm Bay resident Quentin L. Tracy wounded, lying in the pool of blood on the ground with multiple stabs.

The police immediately identified it as a murder and started their search for the criminal mastermind. The victim later succumbed to fatal death due to her injuries. The accused identified himself as the victim’s roommate and tried to dodge the police for multiple reasons. Still, police responded fast and with utmost sincerity and tried to judge the murder scene with supreme righteousness.

The police caught the murderer as they worked with utmost timeliness and successfully caught the criminal. The police were successful in giving the victim timely justice. The victim’s family has suffered a significant loss, and the people on the scene tried hard to console the family.


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