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Florida Man Has Been Charged with Assaulting an Officer With a Lethal Weapon

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Justin Tyler Stanford, a managed 25 years old, is held guilty of assaulting an on-duty officer. The weapon is caught as a piece of evidence of the murder.

What the police reported was it was a lethal weapon. The court scheduled a bail hearing, but the chances of bail seem significantly less to negligible. The accused was rushed to the nearby hospital after the police held him in custody.

The hospital staff treated his injuries, and he was again held captive till further orders. This took place before he showed up at Rainbow Grocery Store 11798 U.S. 231, and then there were constant dialing for help on 911.

The three law enforcement officials were on their lunch break when they heard a call for help. The caller told the police that a man was armed and there was a firing going on. The man on the call told the police that he heard one shot.

The two law enforcement officials Ford and Heep, prepared for the fight, wore their vests, and took hold of their rifles. The scene shocked the onlookers, and there was a plea to leave and vacant the place as soon as possible so that the civilians do not get hurt in the fight.

According to the reports, the suspect is in jail, and the police officials have been interrogated about what happened that day so that formal charges could be filed. No doubt, a small sort of battle alarmed the city to great heights.

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