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Florida Man Attempts to Rob Bank with a Live Alligator

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News Summary

florida man june 14

In a bizarre and dangerous attempt at bank robbery, a Florida man was apprehended by police after attempting to hold up a bank with a live alligator.

According to witnesses, the man entered the bank with a small alligator in hand, demanding cash from the teller. When the teller refused, the man proceeded to wave the alligator around in a threatening manner, causing panic and chaos in the bank.

Thankfully, the police arrived at the scene quickly and were able to safely apprehend the man and remove the alligator from the premises. It was later discovered that the man had stolen the alligator from a nearby pet store just minutes before the robbery.

The man, identified as 37-year-old William Johnson, was charged with armed robbery, animal cruelty, and several other charges related to the incident. The alligator was safely returned to the pet store, unharmed.

This incident has left many in shock and disbelief, with some calling it a prime example of the bizarre and unpredictable nature of Florida’s infamous “Florida Man” meme.