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Florida Man Arrested After Argument Over Cheese-steak

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florida man january 8th

On January 8th, Police arrested a Florida man on a disorderly conduct charge after he allegedly got into an argument over a cheese-steak sandwich.

According to Pasco County Sheriff’s Office affidavit, this incident took place at the Gunn Highway Flea Market in Odessa, when a Florida man, Joseph Lagana, 27, of Port Richey, was got into an argument with a cashier about receiving a sesame seed bun on a Philly cheese-steak.

When trying to diffuse the situation Lagana was too loud and argumentative to patrons at the marketplace and also appeared heavily intoxicated. Another officer claimed.

Authorities confirm he was drunken and this can be the main reason that leads to the argument with the cashier.

Therefore, Lagana was charged and sent to jail with disorderly intoxication & misbehavior.

Later, he was released after posting a $100 bond.

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